Applicable Versions: 4.05.0001 Onwards

If you have embedded DataPA OpenAnalytics components into your application, it is likely you will wish to control when updates are applied and prevent the automatic update screen showing when DataPA issues an update for the software. Rather than having to turn off the automatic update process on each client machine, you can programmatically turn off updates from your application.

To programmatically turn off the auto update function, set the  AutoUpdate property of the ClientConfig object to false before the ClientConfig Initialise method is called. 

To turn off auto update using Progress ABL

CREATE ""DataPAClientConfig.ClientConfig"" chClientConfig.
chClientConfig:AutoUpdate = False.

To turn off auto update using VB.NET

Dim ClientConfig As New DataPAClientConfig.ClientConfig
ClientConfig.AutoUpdate = False

To turn off auto update using Progress GUI for .NET

DEFINE VARIABLE clientConfig AS DataPAClientConfig.ClientConfig.
clientConfig:AutoUpdate = False.

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