Applicable Versions: 5.5 onwards

  1. In DataPA v6, we introduced Processing Agents, which split the processing of dashboards in the Web portal over multiple processes, to improve performance.  Unfortunately, this multi-process model is not compatible with Collaboration, which shares information between users in a single process.  In a future version we plan to re-design Collaboration to work across Agent processes, but until then, Collaboration is disabled if using Processing Agents.  To enable Collaboration, disable Processing Agents in the Settings (but be aware that this could affect the performance of the Web portal).

  2. If you are running a non-server edition of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8 or 10, you cannot use Collaboration due to a limit on concurrent connections in Internet Information Services.  To enable Collaboration, you must install on Windows Server.  This applies to DataPA versions 5.5 and onwards.