In order to achieve this some of the properties of the page number field need to be changed. This KB entry assumes that you have grouping on your report and have a page number situated in the Page Footer section on your report.

In the design window of DataPA Reports select from the menu View > Designer Toolbars and check the Show Property Toolbar menu item.



This should show the Properties window on the right hand side of the report design window. Select the Page Number field as shown below and the properties displayed in the Properties window will be those of the select page number field.

Change the following 3 properties noted below to get the page number to reset after each group.

 Property Value

The group that you want the page numbering to restart after. (e.g. Country_GroupHeader)

 SummaryRunning1 - ddSRGroup
 SummaryType4 - ddSMPageCount


 When the report is previewed the page numbering should behave as required.