When creating or amending a subject on the Column/Field Attributes Page, there is a checkbox that allow a field to be used in a query condition. The details of the screen are below, the second last paragraph is the value your customer will want to change in the Subject.


The Subject Wizard - Column Attributes form lets you set certain properties for the columns you have chosen to include in your subject.

To set a Column's properties, first choose the Table that it belongs to using the Available column Treeview.  Click on the Column to select it.  You can then specify the following properties;

Column Label - Very often the column names in a database don't mean very much to it's users.  DataPA lets you specify in your Subjects, the Column names to be used when the users are building their queries.  Simply type the name you wish to use in the 'Column Label' text box.

Allow Column to be used as a Condition - This will default to true if the column belongs one of the database indexes, and false if it doesn't.  This Column lets you determine whether the users can put conditions on the column when building their Queries.  You may set 'Postcode' as a condition column so that the users can build a query which looks for customers in a specific postal area.

Allow Column to be used for Sorting - This will default to true if the  column belongs to a database index, or false if it doesn't.  You may set the 'Salesrep' column to be used for sorting, thus enabling the users to build queries which Sort customer records by who the Sales Rep is.