Applicable Versions: All

For Progress AppServer systems the limit to the number of fields is based on the limit to the number of fields that can be accommodated in a temp-table object. The limit depends on how large the field information (initial value, validate information, help messages, etc.) is, but you should plan on a limit of 500 fields.

For Progress AppServer systems limit to the amount of data returned is also based on the limits for a Progress temp-table. The limits for Progress temp-tables depend on several factors, the most important of which is the record size. The total amount of space that can be used by all temp tables combined and their indexes is limited to 2 GB. This gives you up to roughly 2,000,000 blocks of 1024 bytes or 250,000 blocks of 8192 bytes. The number of records that will fit depends on the record size and the number of indexes. With 1024 byte blocks, the best case is when 32 records are stored per block, and if you assume one fourth of the blocks are needed for indexes, that gives you 32 * 1,500,000 or about 48,000,000 records of about 31 bytes. If your records are larger, for example 1500 bytes, then you can have about 1,000,000 records.