Applicable Versions: 5.00.0000 Onwards

In order to publish content so it can be consumed in a browser or mobile app, you must have your client applications configured to connect to a DataPA Enterprise service to retrieve the analytics engine configuration, and have permission to publish to this server.

To configure the client applications to connect to a DataPA Enterprise service to retrieve the analytics engine, follow these steps;

  1. Ensure DataPA Enterprise is installed on a computer that the computer your client applications are installed on has network access to (this can be your local machine, another machine available on the local network, or another machine available across the internet).
  2. Open one of the client applications, and open the Client Settings screen
  3. Select the Data Location tab
  4. Select Stored on a DataPA Enterprise Server and enter the address of the server. This could be an IP address, or a domain name that identifies the server on the network. For example, if your Enterprise server is installed on a machine that is hosted on the domain, enter

To ensure you have permission to publish to a server, follow these steps;

  1. Open the Server Settings screen from the dashboard designer.
  2. If you are unsure which group your user belongs to, select your user in the users tab and check the group.
  3. Select the the group your user belongs to in the group tab and make sure the Members of this group can publish content is checked.

Once these two settings have been configured, the publish option should now be available in the dashboard designer ribbon, and report designer menu.