Applicable Versions: All

There are a number of errors that can be returned when running a query.

As a starting point for troubleshooting, look in the AppServer Log File for any error that are displayed. There may be more information displayed in the Log File. 

Error No 40 must be a quoted constant or an unabbreviated, unambiguous buffer/field reference for buffers known to query . (7328) is raised when a query is being run. One or more of the references to a field are invalid. The error occurs when there is something in the code that is expected to be there but isn't. This could be a field in the report or query that is no longer in the subject, or a calculated field in the subject that is not present. 

Error No 95 is raised when a query is being run. It is usually generated when data in a record that is being used for a calculation is invalid for that calculation. ( For instance performing a date operation on a record that has a null value.) 

Error No 103  is raised when a calculated field is being evaluated.

Error No c this is returned when there is a check being done on the date/datetime format relating to a parameter on a function

ERROR: Error No 2 - Invalid handle. Not initialized or points to a deleted object. (3135) - This error usually signifies that a function that is being run is not returning a temp table.