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Instructions for New Atlanta ServletExec AS 6.0

The ServletExec Installation Requires Java JDK or JRE 1.4x or later to be installed.


Running the Servlet A/S Installer

  1. Double-click the Servlet A/S Installer, after unpacking the Application Server Setup Window will be displayed
  2. Click Next to bring up the Setup Type Window.
    Select “Install a ServletExec A/S instance”
  3. Click Next, and review the license agreement.
  4. After clicking Yes to accept the license agreement and Next after reading any ReadMe Notes the installer prompts for a destination folder, either select the default or Browse to a different folder.
  5. Enter an Instance Name. This name is used to identify uniquely the Servlet A/S instance for administration. The default it the machine name, although this can be amended.
  6. Select a web server, these notes assume the IIS is being selected.
  7. The installed then prompt for confirmation to shutdown the IIS, after clicking Next the Servlet A/S instance will begin copying files.
    The next question will be to ask for the location of a destination folder ( the default is "c:\InetPub\Scripts"), accept or change to match your server then press Next to continue.
    Following this a Port number is required ( the default is 8888 ), accept or change then press Next to continue.
    At this point a confirmation screen is displayed showing all the components to be installed, click Next to continue.
    After installation a username/pasword combination is requested to be set
  8. The installed will prompt to install the Servlet A/S instance as a windows service.
  9. Servlet A/S Instance should now be installed and be accessible from the start menu or from http://localhost/servletexec/admin.
  10. Before configuring the Instance for AIA, add the Progress AIA.jar file to the Instance Start batchfile. Add the line
    set cp=%cp%;D:\Progress\OpenEdge101B\java\aia.jar
    (substituting your location of progress, and its aia jar or zip file),  to the list of set statements in  the StartServletExec.bat file located in C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-{Instance Name}\ folder.

Then stop and restart the ServletExec service for the instance using Windows Services.


Servlet A/S  AIA Configuration


These directions are for ServletExec/ISAPI. After installing ServletExec, start the ServletExec Admin.

  1. Select 'manage' under Web Applications on the menu.
  2. You can use either 'default-app' or create your own web application
  3. Select 'web-xml' which will bring up the web application setup window
  4. Select 'manage' under Servlets on the menu.
  5. If you haven't created a servlet already, click on 'Add Servlet'
    • Servlet name - Aia
    • Servlet Class - com.progress.aia.Aia
    • Add following parameters in the Initialization Parameters section :
      NAME:  VALUE
      instanceName:  aia1
      InstallDir:  <InstallDir>
      propertyFileName:  <InstallDir>/properties/

      'InstallDir' is the Progress install directory.
      'instanceName' is the name that you specified for the AIA instance in the file.

      Click on Submit
  6. Select 'mapping' under Servlets on the menu.
  7. Add the following parameters:

    URL Pattern Name
    /aia/* Aia
    (the asterisk (*) is mandatory)

    Click on Submit and close the web applications setup window.
  8. Logout and Restart the web server. Whenever you make a change to the configuration of ServletExec, you must restart the web server.
  9. There is a way of testing the connection to the AIA, HOWEVER this relies on progress being set to allow administrative commands on the aia. This is a manual amendment of Progress, to add allowAiaCmds=1, against the aia.


    Permissions may be required to be changed to allow the aia setup to work.
    1. check that the logfile at  "C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS\se-test-extserv\ServletExec.log"  for any errors
    2. Add permissions for the IIS user to the ServletExec folder
    3. Add permissions for the IIS user to c:\intepub\scripts
    4. Add permissions for IIS user to the following progress files
      And the Progress Workdir ( Which also needs write access)




AIA is part of Progress “Appserver Plus” Product.                       


In Progress Explorer there should be Option to set up an AppServer Internet Adapter.

The steps are as follows.


Select New
Enter a Name use Aia and a number e.g. Aia1
Now open the properties.
initially uncheck HTTPS emabled
Check that the Nameserver selected is the correct one then select ‘Ok’

Enabled https if secure Appserver is being used


And ensure that the AIA instance is configurured to be pointing to the correct NameServer.



DataPA Setup


Under DataPA Setup , on the Connection Details  Screen

The Connection Type should be set to “AppServer using an Internet Adapter (AIA)”

The Appserver URL should be {hostname}/aia/Aia   

Application Service should be the Appserver to be used for the system