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The error message is one that is being returned by DataPA as the AppServer has been disconnected.

There are two possible causes:-

  1. Default TCP Limit

    This can occur with a long running query that could be hitting the the default TCP limit then disconnecting.

    The default TCP limits can be amended in the Analytics Engine Connection screen.

    There may be some information in the AppServer logs.

    I would be worth trying to establish why the query is taking so long to complete, it may be that in a live environment the query has to process a lot more information that in your test environment and the business logic or links need to be looked at.

  2. Network / Firewall Issue

    There is also a possibility that there is a network setting that is causing the timeout.

    If the connection TCP settings are set higher than the default, or the disconnection is occurring prior to the TCP limits and there are no messages on the AppServer to suggest the connection is being closed then it could be that there is a Network / Firewall issue that is stopping the connection.

    The following is a Progress KB that refers.