Applicable Versions: 4.05.0000 Onwards

DataPA Enterprise is licensed by machine, with each instance of DataPA Enterprise having a certain number of licensed agents. The base DataPA Enterprise license comes with a single agent.

Each agent is effectively a single worker process, that can process a single request at one time. The more users you have accessing content through your web server, or the more content that is scheduled to refresh automatically, the more agents you will require to maintain performance.

When a user action requires some work to be carried out on the server, the server first looks for an available agent. If there are no agents available, the request is either queued until an agent becomes available, or the user is given an error message (depending on a setting configured by the administrator). 

As a rough guide we suggest somewhere between 5 and 10 agents for every 100 users is a good starting point to calculate the number of additional agents required.