Applicable Versions: 5.0 upwards

You may receive an 404.13 error when attempting to export the contents of a large Data Grid or Pivot Table in Enterprise.

The error may be caused by a restriction made by Internet Information Services (IIS) on the amount of data that can be sent in a request to the server.

On there machine where DataPA Enterprise is installed, open IIS Manager (in Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 by typing IIS in the Start Menu box, in Windows 8 or Server 2012 by typing IIS on the Start Screen).

Navigate to your 'DataPA' application in the Sites folder in the Connections pane on the left-hand-side of the IIS Manager window.

In the right-hand 'Home' pane, in the 'IIS' section, double click 'Request Filtering', then click 'Edit Feature Settings' under Actions on the right-hand-side.

Increase the value of ""Maximum allowed content length"".  If this value is the default of 30000000 (equivalent to about 28Mb) respectively, try doubling the value at first, then if necessary, increase gradually until the error no longer occurs.

Beware that, if you have DataPA on a public web server (that is, available over the internet), you should not increase this value to any more than required as large values increase the risk of a Denial of Service attack on your server.