Applicable Versions: 3.00.0078 to 3.05.0075

NB: This functionality was retired with version 4.00.

To allow you to manipulate the setup data, for instance filtering subjects and fields on a per user basis, it is possible to configure DataPA so the setup data is stored in readable XML files rather than DataPA's proprietry dat format. Follow these steps to change DataPA to store your setup data in XML format:

  1. If your DataLocation is currently set to an AppServer or WebServer, change the datalocation to a local drive. (see "How to find your data file(s) to send to a support representative").
  2. From DataPA Reports, dataPA Dashboard or the DataPA Office Addin, select  Setup-->Security from the menu.
  3. Select the Data Location tab
  4. Change the Data File Format from DAT to XML
  5. If necessary, copy the XML files back to the PROPATH of your AppServer and set your Data Location back to the AppServer. (see "How do I store my setup centrally on the server rather than on each client?")