Applicable Versions: 3.00.0073 Onwards

DataPA provides two Cascading Style Sheets (.css) that allows the modification of the look and feel of DataPA Enterprise to suit individual requirements. These files are located withing the Stylesheet folder of the DataPA Enterprise Installation.


ElementBodyCentral area for the display of reports and query available to the user
Classfield_label_on_side_whiteUsed for the text in the header showing the Licence and Version Information
Classfooter_textDataPA Copyright Text  at the bottom left of the page
IDcontentwrapperMain background to all of the DataPA Application
IDheader A section for the header images
IDheaderImagesBlock of 3 images in the Application Page header
IDheaderLeftImageImage for Left of the header row
IDheaderMidImageImage for Middle of the header row
IDheaderRightImageImage for Right of the header row
IDheaderLicA Section for the Licence Information in the lower header
IDheaderVersionA Licence Information in the lower header


ElementBodyMain Body Stye
ClassBtnAll buttons
ClassCheck_boxAll check boxes
Classdialog_headerBar across screen in top of content
Classdialog_header_text format foor the text to be displayed in the dialog header
Classerror_messageError, text, displays below the dialog_header
Classfield_inputUser input fields for text input
Classfield_input_dateUser input fields for dates
Classfield_input_dropdownUser input fields for drop down lists
Classfield_input_greyed_outFormat for display fields which are not enabled for input
Classfield_input_on_sideFormat for label fields
Classfield_label_on_side_normalFormat for label fields on the licence and login entry screens
Classpage_backgroundOverall page background
ClassparamrowFormat for each row which displays data in parameters page
ClassPickerbtnFormat for a date picker
ClassrowevenFormat of a table's even rows 
ClassrowoddFormat of a table's odd rows
Classweekend_styleFormat for differentiating the weekend on a calendar
ClassoverallBodyMain section where reports and queries are displayed
ClassoverallFooterFooter for main section of page
ClassoverallHeaderHeader for main section of page
IDtblLoginLogin screen table containing Username and Password