Applicable Versions: 3.00.0001 Onwards

DataPA's automatic update information can be configured to load updates from your own servers rather than DataPA's. Follow the steps below to configure the update.

  1. Create your own update.xml file. You can download the latest update.xml from The update.xml file should contain a tag with the version number the update will upgrade the machine to, which contains the location of the file to run to perform the upgrade. The file can be on an AppServer (use an AppServer connect string, followed by an exclamation mark, followed by the file name, e.g AppServer://localhost/sports2000!update.exe), a web page (e.g or a file on a network drive (e.g F:\DataPA\update.exe). The example below will open NotePad if a user opens DataPA version 3.00.0080 or below).

    <?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8"" ?>
  2. Open the users local DataPA config file. This will be located in a DataPA directory under the users local windows program data directory, and called Config.xml.
  3. Add or edit the UpdateLocation tag, under the DataPA tag to contain the location of your xml file. Again, the location can be an AppServer, a web address or a local file. e.g