Applicable Versions: All

DataPA can be configured to allow or deny connections to the AppServer based on an existing business applications security, removing the need to maintain user lists in two places.

When using connection security, the following occurs when DataPA attempts to connect to an AppServer instance:

  1. When DataPA needs to connect to an AppServer, it first prompts the user for a username and password.
  2. DataPA sends a request to the broker to connect to the AppServer. The username and password is included in this request.
  3. The broker connects to an agent, and runs a connect procedure, passing it the username and password.
  4. The connect procedure accesses the database and determines whether or not the username and password are valid.
  5. The connect procedure finishes, returning an error if it did not validate the username and password.
  6. If the connect procedure returned an error, the broker returns a connection refused message to DataPA and terminates the connection. Otherwise, the broker returns a connection succeeded message to DataPA and awaits the next request.

The three steps required to configure DataPA to use connection security are detailed below:

Step 1 - Write a connect procedure

To implement the connection security, you must first create a Progress 4GL connect procedure that will validate a username and password. The Connect procedure must receive three string parameters, the username, the password and a third parameter called AppServerInfo to receive any other information.

/* *******************  Definitions  ********************** */

The procedure should then validate the username and password using the standard procdure for the connected business application, and return an error if the username or password is not valid.
/* *****************  Main Block  ******************* */

Step 2 - Configure the AppServer

To configure the AppServer to use connection security, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the connect procedure detailed above into the PROPATH of the AppServer
  2. Start Progress Explorer
  3. Choose the AppServer.
  4. Choose Action-->Properties.
  5. Expand the Agent tree from the Properties dialog box and select Advanced Features
  6. Enter the name of the connect procedure in the Connect field.
  7. Press OK
  8. Restart the AppServer

Step 3 - Configure DataPA to use Connection Security

Once the AppServer has been configured to process a username and password, the DataPA system must be configured so DataPA prompts the user for a username and password before it tries to connect. Follow these steps to configure a system to prompt for a username and password:

  1. Open the DataPA setup screen and ensure the Systems tab is selected.
  2. Select the system you wish to modify.
  3. Select File --> Open
  4. Press Next until you reach the Enter Connection Details screen
  5. Select the default connection, or connection you wish to administer, and press Edit
  6. Select the Advanced Tab
  7. Select Prompt for username and password
  8. Press OK
  9. Enter a username and password, press OK, press Next, press Finish