Applicable Versions: 5.00.Onwards

The DataPA Server Settings screen - Logging Tab has a checkbox to "Enable agent Usage Logging".

Setting the Enable agent usage logging option, writes a line to the "C:\ProgramData\DataPA\DataPAEnterpriseAgent.log" log file anytime a request is processed by an agent. This generates data which can then be used to monitor how many agents are in use at any given time.

To track the Agent usage
1.Start by enabling the agent logging in the server security screen and then stop the service.
2. Next delete the agent log file from c:\programdata\datapa to ensure you're starting with a blank file.
3. Then restart the service. People can now use DataPA as normal.

At any point you can take the agent log file, copy it and load it into Excel. Then in Excel you just need to add a column on the end that will provide a running total on the number of agents in use. This will use the column with 1's and -1's in it. It will let you see the number in use when the log file was copied. It should also give some information on users and let you analyse what is still using the agents by looking for where an agent is used but not yet released. Each request that uses an agent has a unique ID. the log also gives information on which functions are doing the locking.