Applicable Versions: All Versions

The " **** NO VALID AVAILABLE SCHEDULER LICENSE, EXITING " error message can appear for several reasons.

  • The Scheduler licence has not been applied.
  • If the Data Location is set to an Enterprise service that has security applied then security must be applied to the scheduler (On the scheduler –Options screen there is a security tab. If you enter the security information for a valid user there this will be applied when the scheduler runs.)
  • It may be the licence has been applied to one user and there is a permissions issue accessing the config file when the scheduler is being run.

The lines in the logfile immediately before the error described, may give more information regarding the error.

Checks should be made on the Data Location and how the scheduler licence was applied, if the Data Location is set to be a DataPA Enterprise Service then the Service Log may have  errors/ warnings that may explain why the Scheduler could not access the Service to get the licence and setup information.

If a second licence has been applied to the server ( for instance a business licence for a user who has administrative privileges then opening the Scheduler Maintenance Application and re-entering the Enterprise licence may resolve the issue.