Applicable Versions: 5.50.0034 onwards

To apply a User or Group filter you set up a column (data or calculated) that contains data that matches the user or group. Then apply a filter on to objects matching the column to the user or group.

In this example there are groups for EU, US and Rest of World.

 Step 1 - Create a Calculated Column

Add an expression to set the column “Group” to be US, EU or ROW.


Set 2 - Add A Filter

When an object is created a filter can be applied that matches the Column to a Group.

In this example the Column “Group” is being set to be equal to the [Group] . 


When the dashboard is opened the filter checks the logged in user's group against the column against 'Group' and data is displayed only where these are the same.

The following is the data displayed for users based in the group 'EU' and 'ROW' 

It is of course possible to use some Business Logic or Calculated field in the subject to set the group/user data.