Applicable Versions: 4.05.0001 and above

If you have a DataPA Enterprise license, each client machine can use the server as the repository for the setup. This ensures all users are using the same setup files, allows a centralized security policy and allows published content to be managed from each client machine. 

To configure a client machine to use the server as the repository for the setup follow the steps below;

  1. Open the DataLocation screen
  2. Select the Stored on a DataPA Enterprise Server
  3. Enter the DNS name or IP address of your server.
  4. Press OK.

If you do not have a DataPA Enterprise license, or access to a DataPA Enterprise server, there are a two ways you can control the DataPA setup from the server:

  1. Place the setup files on the AppServer
  2. Place the setup files on a web server

First you need to copy the setup files you wish to share to the appropriate location. To locate the setup files see your current DataLocation in the Security Settings dialog box. Copy all of the contents of this directory to the appserver or web server. If you are copying to an AppServer simply place the files in the working directory of your appserver. Now all you need to do is ensure each client points to the shared setup files.

If you are using a web server, simply place the URL where the files are located in the DataLocation field. For example, if my files were located at "", I would set my DataLocation to "".

If you are using an appserver, you need to use a URL that represents the appserver connection. You can either build the AppServer URL yourself using the details below, or use the dialog to enter the AppServer details.,

To connect to the AppServer through the NameServer, use the following syntax: 


e.g.  AppServer://localhost/sports2000


To connect to the AppServer directly, use the following syntax:


e.g. AppServerDC://localhost:5162/sports2000


To connect through the Aia, use the standard Progress Aia connection URL.