Applicable Versions: All

The Full Error is:

You typed an invalid name for a sheet or chart. Make sure that:

• The name that you type does not exceed 31 characters.
• The name does not contain any of the following characters:  :  \  /  ?  *  [  or  ]
• You did not leave the name blank

The error being referenced is an internal Excel object reference that we have no control over, it does arise due to the name being passed into fails one of Excel checks on the name of a Sheet.

Within the DataPA Scheduler it is possible to set the sheetname to the name of the report. The above error can arise when the name of the report fails one of the Excel checks.

1. On the Task Properties screen ( Right-Click on the Task and Select Properties )  

Settings for a particular task can be set here including

Use report name as sheet name in Excel

If this option is checked, the worksheet name will be derived from the report name, rather than the task name.

Add all query results to a single Excel workbook

If this option is checked, the results from each query in the scheduler will be added to a single workbook, rather than a workbook being created for each query.  There are a couple of places to look within the Scheduler for information relating to excel

2. On the Main Scheduler Options Page ( Select "Tools" Menu then "Options", then move to the "Other Options" Tab)  

The default setting for "Use the report name as the sheet name" value is set here