Applicable Versions: Version 6 and Later


Please check that the user for the DataPA application pool in IIS (usually "NetworkService") has read and write access to the directory C:\ProgramData\DataPA.

To determine the user that DataPA Application Pool is running as, open IIS Manager (type IIS in the Start menu).  Find the correct application for DataPA (usually Default Web Site/DataPA), and open its Advanced Settings; the name of the Application Pool will be at the top.  Now go to Application Pools, select the correct pool and look for the "Identity" entry.

Now go to C:\ProgramData\DataPA and open its Security Properties, and look for the Application Pool user.  If the pool is running as "NetworkService", you should modify or add the "NETWORK SERVICE" user.  If the pool is running as Application Pool Identity, look for the user "IIS AppPool\{Application Pool Name}"