Applicable versions: 6.0

DataPA now uses authorisation tokens to secure communications to its services.  This message indicates a problem with the token authorisation.

Normally it is sufficient to find DataPA services at 'localhost', however some server configurations (such as use of domain names) do not permit this.

The tokens are provided by the web application 'datapaenterprisespa'.  An override file, named enterprise.cfg, can be placed in the Program Data\DataPA folder, where this application's location can be explicitly set.  Its contents should look as follows:

TokenEndpoint: "http://<>/datapaenterprisespa/token",  
WebLocation: "http://<>/datapaenterprisespa" 

where <> is the address of your datapa server.  

If you are using SSL (HTTPS) on your server, change the above URLs to begin with "https://".