Applicable Versions: 5.50 and above

Expanding the error may give a some additional information relating to the reason the Update Failed. This error appear can appear intermittently for a couple of reasons:-

  1. If the browser has been left unattended then the user may have been logged out of the system, the Additional detail should show a message of this occurs.

  2. The update request failed error can appear sometimes when when multiple requests to tree-views are made, there is a setting in the Server Setting screen that relates to tree-views on the Enterprise web portal.

    On the Tuning Tab there is the following setting:-
Delay before a tree-view node click is processed (to allow time for another node click)

Each time the user clicks on a node in a tree-view to change its checked state a request is sent to the server to rebuild any object that are filtered by this tree-view. To prevent multiple requests being sent to the server when a user clicks on multiple nodes in quick succession, the request is by default delayed for a short period of time, and only sent if another node is not clicked during this period.

Increasing this value will cause a longer delay between the user clicking on a node in the tree-view, and the resulting filter being applied to the dashboard, but will reduce the chance of the server having to process results that will never be required.

You can prevent the delay all together by setting value to zero. However, this can result in a significant load on the server if the user clicks on multiple nodes in quick succession where the tree-view is based on a large data set or has a large number of objects dependent on it.