Applicable Versions: 6.00.0001 and above

DataPA OpenAnalytics supports many different connection types to enable you to extract and blend data from across your organisation. ODBC and Openedge Application Server connectivity allows you to extract data from most common relational databases, application specific connectivity such as Google Analytics and inmydata allow you to extract data from specific applications, file imports allow you to easily import data from common file formats such as Excel and csv, and an Open API architecture allows coded access to just about any other data source. See below for more details;

ODBC Connectivity

DataPA OpenAnalytics supports simple, native ODBC connectivity to allow users to pull data from common relational data sources such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL and many more. A graphical SQL query designer helps users easily build native SQL statements and remote ODBC connectivity allows simple connections to remote data sources across wide area networks. 

OpenEdge Application Server Connectivity

DataPA OpenAnalytics supports simple, native connectivity to both the Progress Application Server (PAS) and the OpenEdge Application Server (traditional AppServer), with support for both the AppServer Internet Adaptor (AIA) and SSL. Using native OpenEdge Open Client technology means DataPA OpenAnalytics takes advantage of the OpenEdge relational database management engine (RDBMS). This provides provides a level of performance, security and stability that cannot be matched with an ODBC connection. It also allows you to configure the analytics engine using familiar OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL) queries, and even leverage existing business logic written in the ABL to provide analytics. 

Google Analytics

DataPA OpenAnalytics makes it simple to extract and blend website analytics from Google Analytics with data from your wider organisation. Accessing your Google Analytics data to blend and create your own bespoke views with DataPA OpenAnalytics is as simple as entering your account details and choosing the data you want.


inmydata uses to power of server-less cloud architecture and machine learning so the instant your data is uploaded you can navigate to any possible view in seconds. Perfect for senior members of an organisation, inmydata lets users explore, investigate and share opportunities instantly, on any device. With inmydata queries built directly into the OpenAnalytics query engine, it's as simple as entering your login details and selecting the data you require to create dashboards that draw summaries of millions of rows from inmydata.

File imports

DataPA OpenAnalytics makes it easy to import data from common file formats such as Excel, csv and text files. 

Open API Queries

Open API queries allow you to quickly and easily develop any custom data connectivity using the free, open source Microsoft .NET framework.