In order to upgrade applications developed with OpenEdge Developer studio that use the DataPA Report control in OpenAnalytics V6.5, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. There will be two broken references under the Referenced Assemblies in the project. You can see these in the Project Explorer in Developer Studio. These will be datapainterop and DataPAReportsControl. Remove both of these references.
  2. Right click on the Referenced Assemblies and select Add Assembly References
  3. Search for the DataPAReportsControl and select it and then hit OK

You should now be able to run your project that uses the DataPA Reports control again.

NB. The Application property has been replaced by the ClientConfig property and the ClientConfig property has an Application property that can be used for most of the functions that the old Application was used for. If there is anything you can't seem to do anymore then please raise a support call with us.