In Versions before 6.0. The DataPA option for Excel was an 'Add-In' that Appeared under the 'Add-ins 'Menu item.

From Version 6.0 onwards the DataPA option for Excel is now a Toolbar item that appears as a Main Excel Item named 'DataPA OpenAnalytics'.

The screenshot below shows a standard Excel Toolbar, displaying the New DataPA Excel Application Options,


The Help Manual Page for the Excel Toolbar is available here.

If this toolbar is not available then it can usually be found in the Excel Options - AddIns

If for any reason the Toolbar is not available, or visible the Options-Addin does have an Enable button. Failing that there is a VSTO Deployment file in the same "Program Files (x86)\DataPA\Excel folder. The file can be loaded by selecting  'Manage COM Add-ins'

Then Selectiing the DataPA OpenAnalytics Excel Add-In"