Following a Windows Task Scheduler component being upgraded a setting that DataPA Scheduler used is no longer supported. This results in a "The task XML contains an unexpected node." error when the Task is Viewed using the windows Task Scheduler. 

DataPA was using Task 1.0 this creates the XML file containing  <DeleteExpiredTaskAfter>PT0S</DeleteExpiredTaskAfter> 

Version 5.50.0212 of DataPA introduced a change to use a later Task API. Upgrading DataPA to the latest 6.5 release will resolve this.

When moving from a version Prior to 5.50.0212. All DataPA Scheduled Tasks should be unscheduled. Version 5.5.0212 and later will not recognise the older tasks due to the xml unexpected node until all tasks are rescheduled

Rescheduling the tasks will create new Windows Tasks that can be viewed in the Task Scheduler.

The behaviour of where the Windows Task files has also changed.

Task 1.0

A job file is created in C:\Windows\Tasks and an xml file is created in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks. The job file is not editable and the xml file will become corrupt if it is edited. 

Task 2.5 

An xml file is created in c:\windows\system32\Tasks. 

If tasks are not unscheduled then the existing 'at' xml files are overwritten, the job files are removed.

It is possible to remove all the 'at' files in the  following folders if an upgrade has been performed with DataPA Tasks still scheduled.