A logfile of the DataPA installation which can be used to troubleshoot any installation issues can be created by creating a registry entry.


PLEASE NOTE that amending the Registry can cause serious problems that may require reinstallation of your operating system. Use the following information at your own risk.

Using Regedit navigate to the following registry key (if it does not exist, just create it).


Add a new Value Name of ""Logging"" with a DataType of ""REG_SZ"" (String Value)

The string value for the logging options can now be entered, we suggest "voicewarmup", which comprises the following individual options.



 v Verbose output
 o Out of disk space messages
 i Status messages
 c Initial UI parameters
 e All error messages
 w Non fatal warnings
 a Start up of actions
 r Action specific requests
 m Out of memory or fatal exit information
 u User requests
 p Terminate properties

A log file will be created the next time DataPA Installer is run, the logfile will be stored in the uses TEMP directory. The file name will begin with the letterrs ""Msi"" and end with a "".log"" extension.