Applicable versions: 4.05.0082 to 5.5.  Please see the new method for v6.0 

You have always been able to run the DataPA Enterprise  web portal on a different port from the default port 80 by configuring it in IIS and from version 4.05.0082 of DataPA you can also choose to run the DataPA Enterprise Service on a different port as well.

Below is an explanation of how you change this.

First of all if you are currently using a DataPA Enterprise Service as your data location in DataPA you need to change this so that the data location is just set to be a local one. Use the default that appears which should be c:\ProgramData\DataPA.

Next stop the DataPA Enterprise Service. You can do this using the Windows Services screen which you can access via the Control Panel in Windows under Administrative Tools.

Next browse to the DataPA installation folder (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\DataPA\Bin or C:\Program Files\DataPA\Bin) and go into the bin sub folder within it. In there you should find a file called DataPAEnterpriseService.exe.config. Open this with a text file editor and change the two occurances of :80 to :<port> where <port> is the port number you want to use instead of the default port 80. In the example below port 81 has been used. Once you have changed this save the file.

Next restart the DataPA Enterprise using the same Service window you used to stop it.

Now restart your DataPA client application and go into the security screen and change the data location to be the Enterprise Service now running on a different port. So for example if it is running on port 81 on my location machine I would enter the connection as localhost:81 as shown below:

Finally to ensure that the DataPA Enterprise Web Portal also uses the correct port to connect to the DataPA Enterprise Service we need to make a change to the Application Settings of DataPA in IIS. To do this start the IIS Manager which you can access via the Control Panel in Windows under Administrative Tools.

Select the DataPA folder from the treeview on the left.

Then double click select Application Settings and you should see a list of these.

Click Add from the Actions List on the right of the window and you should see the screen below.

Enter EnterpriseServicePort in the Name box and in the Port box enter the port number you used above when configuring the DataPA Enterprise Service. Once you have done that then click OK.

That should be you finished and DataPA should run using the port you have specified.