Applicable Versions: 4.00 onwards

In normal cases a the temp file is created then deleted at the end of the task being run. The file is listed in the log file and usually is in the folder "C:\ProgramData\DataPA\data".

The Mail fails as it is expecting a file that cannot be accessed. The "SaveAs method of Workbook class failed" is an excel error that is returned. This error can arise 

  • There is a contention lock on the file so the file cannot be read, there will be an excel process running.

  • The file is not being written as the SaveAs method failing as the folder was does not exist and is not writeable by "SYSTEM"

  • For certain versions of office ( e.g. Excel 2010 / Windows Server 2008 R2 ) a folder "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\Desktop" or "C:\Windows\System\config\systemprofile\Desktop" must exist. This folder may need to be created manually.