Applicable Versions: 6.50.0092 onwards

If a machine has had previous versions of DataPA OpenAnalytics installed, the installer can sometimes fail to register a particular component correctly. This will result in the error below when you try and open the report designer or scheduler apps;

To fix this, follow these instructions;

  1. Press win to open the start menu. Type in cmd to search for Command Prompt.
  2. Press ctrl+shift+enter to launch Command Prompt as administrator.
  3. Copy the following text;

    c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe /tlb "c:\Program Files (x86)\DataPA\Assemblies\DataPAClientConfig.dll" 
  4. Right click in the command window to paste in the copied command, and press enter.
    Ignore any messages that are displayed.